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chapter 12

1) Which two locations are commonly used in Windows for temporary files? (Choose two.)
#C:\temp #C:\Windows\temp

2)A new graphics card is installed in a computer. When the computer is powered on, the default drivers are loaded but some of the applications do not work properly. What should the user do to improve the graphics card performance?
#Check the website of the manufacturer of the latest drivers

3) A video-file editor defragments the hard drive on his computer every month to ensure continuing optimal performance. How can the editor ensure that the defragmentation occurs every month?
#Add Defrag to Scheduled Tasks in System Tools.

4) Which information is backed up when a restore point is created?
#System and Registry information only

5) Which two pieces of information are required when configuring Automatic Updates for Windows XP? (Choose two.)

6) A technician boots a Windows XP computer that has an incorrect driver loaded for the video adapter card. How can the technician revert to a previous driver?
#Select the video adapter card in Device Manager, select the Driver tab, and click Roll back driver from Properties.

7) What is a feature that Internet browsers provide to improve performance when accessing recently visited websites?
#Caching recently accessed pages

8) A technician is having trouble repairing a difficult Windows XP problem. The usual quick-fix solutions did not work and there are no obvious clues found in either Device Manager or Event Viewer. What two actions should the technician try next? (Choose two.)
#Check any manuals relating to the hardware and software.
#Check the Internet for possible solutions.

9) In Windows XP which file determines the prompt that a user sees during the boot process when multiple operating systems are present?

10)What is the default location for system files in all versions of 32-bit Windows Vista?
#The Windows/System 32 subfolder

11)What is the issue if the status of a hard disk drive shows a „Not Initialized“ in the Disk Management utility?
#The drive does not contain a valid signature

12)What is the purpose of the chkdsk/ f command?
#It checks a hard drive for errors and fixes them if possible

13)Which command-line utility can be used to schedule a backup of Windows XP workstation?

14)What is the minimum amount of RAM that is required to install Mac OS X on an Intel-bassed Apple computer?

15)Which protocol is used to resolve URLs to IP adresses?

16)Which protocol automates assignment of IP addresses?

17)Which two operating systems can be upgraded to Windows XP Home? (Choose two)
#Windows 98 # Windows 98 SE

18)What information is contained in restore points in Windows XP?
#System and registry settings

19) A technician notices that a program that is listed in the registry is not found on a PC that is running Windows XP. What is a possible solution to the problem?
#Run chkdsk/F/R from the command prompt

20)A technician notices that a PC that is running Windows XP locks up without any error messages. What is a probable cause of the problem?
#The computer is overheating