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chapter 11-16

1. What is one thing a technician can determine about a system when using the command ipconfig?
system network configuration

2. A technician has been asked to install a second optical drive in a computer. The technician will need to configure the drive as slave. How can the technician accomplish this desired configuration?
Use jumpers on the drive to configure the drive as slave.

3. A user on the network needs to be able to add and remove files in a shared folder on an NTFS-formatted server. Users should never be allowed to assume ownership of the shared folder. Which permission should the administrator assign to the user?

4. A technician is trying to allow user access to a printer on a small network. Which solution is the lowest in cost?
computer-shared printer

5. Which technology allows a user to securely access a company LAN across a public network?

6. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of technology is most suitable to bring Internet services to the facilities that are shown in the graphic?

7. After information has been gathered from a user about the failure of a printer, which two actions should be performed? (Choose two.)
Ensure all cables are connected correctly.
Clear any type of paper jams.

8. What two dangers exist when working on laser printers?
electrical shock

9. What is the general term that is used to describe components of a laptop that should be replaced by a service center?

10. A technician is helping a customer select additional RAM for a computer. Which two items should be considered when updating RAM? (Choose two.)
The new memory must run at least as fast as the existing memory.
The new memory must be compatible with the motherboard.

11. Using RIS, a technician is having difficulties performing a remote installation. Which two problems would cause the remote installations to fail? (Choose two.)
The computer does not have a PXE-capable NIC installed.
The network shared folder that holds the OS files is not accessible.

12. A computer had updates installed and was rebooted. Nothing is displaying on the monitor that is connected to the computer. What could the technician do to reset the monitor settings?
Use the F8 key.

13. A Windows XP computer that once had three operating systems installed now has only one operating system. However, when the computer boots up, the user is still presented with a choice between the old systems and XP. Which path allows the user to make changes to the BOOT.INI file?
Click Start. Right click My Computer. Choose Properties. Choose the Advanced tab. Click Settings in the Startup and Recovery area. Click Edit.

14. A technician needs to stop the print spooler on a Windows XP computer because the printer has failed. Which set of commands should the technician follow?
Choose Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools >Computer Management. Choose Services.

15. What precaution should a technician take when checking a dot matrix printer that suddenly stops functioning?
Avoid the print head, which can become hot.

16. Refer to the exhibit. A customer has upgraded to a new laptop with the specifications as shown in the exhibit. The customer reports that an older cellular WAN card fails to fit in the new laptop. What is the problem?
The new laptop has an ExpressCard slot, which is incompatible with the older card.

17. A technician is helping a customer that constantly has to reset the time on a laptop. What is the probable cause of this problem?
The battery on the motherboard needs to be replaced.

18. A technician has installed new RAM in a laptop. When the laptop is rebooted, it makes a long beeping noise and fails to start. What are three probable causes? (Choose three.)
The RAM module edge contacts were damaged.
The RAM module was incompatible with the laptop motherboard.
The clips that hold the SODIMM in the slot were not locked.

19. A student is trying to upload class files to an FTP server on the school network. The connection fails from school but works fine from the home computer of the student. What is the likely problem?
The school has port 21 blocked on the firewall.

20. Which situation is affected by an invalid SSL certificate?
a connection to a web site that uses HTTPS

21. A student laptop is running slowly, and the student suspects rogue computers are accessing the laptop. Which control panel feature is used in Windows Vista to verify the firewall setting?
Security Center

22. A business is concerned that computers are susceptible to malware infection. Which two actions will help solve this problem? (Choose two.)
Enable real-time virus and spyware scanning.
Enable automatic antivirus and antispyware software updates.

23. After logging into a computer, a user can view files but is unable to download the files. What action can the administrator take to allow the user to download the files while preventing deletion of the files?
Set the file permissions to Read and Execute.

24. A network administrator has a user that is changing the rights to files in a folder for other users. What rights does the administrator need to remove from the user?
Full Control

25. Why does a technician wear an antistatic wrist strap?
to prevent damage to electronic components inside the computer

26. A computer that worked fine yesterday now locks after two hours of use. What is the problem?
CPU overheating

27. What is different about the default location for user files in Windows Vista compared to Windows XP?
The default location for user files in Windows Vista is within a user-specific subfolder in the Users folder.

28. What is the purpose of the setupmgr.exe file?
It helps prepare an answer file to automate the installation of Windows XP.

29. A technician is compiling a company computer support training manual. One of the utilities that is described in the manual is Sysprep. What is the purpose of this utility?
It prepares a computer for imaging.

30. What is the issue if the status of a hard disk drive shows as "Unreadable" in the Disk Management utility?
The drive has input/output errors, has a hardware failure, or is corrupt.

31. A computer shows the optical drive under My Computer but fails to read a DVD disc. Which three problems could exist? (Choose three.)
The optical drive is faulty.
The DVD disc is inserted upside down.
The DVD disc is formatted incorrectly.

32. What could be the possible solution to the Windows Vista search feature taking longer than expected to find results?
Change the settings of the Index service in the Advanced Options panel.

33. Which Windows protocol enables a technician at company headquarters to view the screen and control the mouse and keyboard of a computer in a branch office?
Remote Desktop Protocol

34. Which scanner process uses an IT8 target to complete its function?

35. What are two reasons why static IP addressing would be configured instead of DHCP when setting up a wireless network? (Choose two.)
The network has relatively few wireless devices.
Specific security polices can be applied to static IP addresses.